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Take to the skies || Cygnus and Arcturus

There were plenty of things to dislike about being home for the summer. All the stupid parties – though those weren’t all bad, not the ones that had pretty girls in attendance and ample opportunity to sneak away with said pretty girls – and the acting proper and the dressing up and the constant nagging from his parents to start thinking about his bloody future – a future that was not at all like the one Cygnus wanted for himself. But even worse than all those things combined were the absence of his best friend Violetta and his inability to play quidditch every day. Which was worse was really rather debatable, and often fluctuated based on the last argument he’d had with Vi and how long it had been since he last flew.

At the moment, it was quidditch he was missing more than anything. Not only had it been over a week since he’d last flown, but Violetta had recently given him a Moontrimmer – a Moontrimmer! – and Cygnus had been dying for the opportunity to finally test it out. The broom had been ever present in the back of his mind since he’d received it, but it had been bloody impossible for the fifteen year old to find time to sneak away and use it without fear of getting caught. Until now.

Finally, finally, the Slytherin found himself alone, the night clear, and his family members off doing Merlin knows what. He didn’t particularly care what they were doing, all that mattered was that they shouldn’t be needing him around for the rest of the evening. Feigning tiredness, the fifteen year old had retired to his room early, only to throw on his quidditch robes, pull his new broomstick out of its hiding place, and open his bedroom window. He glanced around the ground for any sign of activity, and once he determined that the coast was clear, Cygnus mounted the Moontrimmer, heart racing in anticipation, and then sped out the window.

In an instant, everything was gone from his mind except for the rush of air running through his hair, the speed and balance of his new broomstick better than anything he’d ever used before - certainly better than the hand-me-down broomstick he’d been using as his parents had refused to get him a decent one of his own for fear of encouraging his quidditch dreams. The Moontrimmer really was in a league of its own. Cygnus couldn’t contain his gleeful laughter as he flew, farther and farther away from Grimmauld Place, pushing the broomstick faster and faster, testing its limits as well as his own.

After a good time spent simply enjoying the rush of exhilaration that came from being on a Moontrimmer – Merlin, it really was just as good as he’d ever imagined it to be – Cygnus finally set a course for a small patch of woods near his home. It was fairly well hidden, so it would be the perfect place to try out some turns and dives without being seen by anyone – wizard and muggle alike. As he approached the clearing from the sky, the fifteen year old pushed the broom into a dive, recklessly increasing its speed as he neared the tops of the trees. And that was when he saw it. Another person….also on a broomstick. What?

Under any different circumstances Cygnus would have simply turned around and flown off before whoever it was could see him, but as it was he was already diving towards the clearing far too quickly to change directions now. Instead he settled for completing the dangerous maneuver just as he’d planned. “OI! INCOMING!” He shouted to the other person, hoping to Merlin whoever it was didn’t try to get in his way as he pulled out of the dive just feet above the ground, whooping in excitement and momentarily forgetting that there was still another person for him to worry about. Oops.